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Welcome to the Local History Web for

West Sussex

I have built this area to collect together the various web based sites on 'Local History' in the widest possible definition:-

Local - West Sussex and spreading

History - a much abused word. I have defined it to include just about anything that interests me in the local area

I warmly welcome all constructive comments, corrections and additions.
If you have something then write it up and let me have it for consideration, I reserve the right to edit.

Disclaimers: All copyrights acknowledged if you see it here and it shouldn't be, please let me know. I advocate the free dissemination of knowledge, but respect everyone's right to eat. Opinions are those of the relevant site, if it's wrong in fact then let them know. If there is an expression of an opinion that disagrees with you, then think about it. I do not support freedom of speech (etc) where it is harmful to another.

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